Our Story

My husband, Dave, and I are the co-founders of Unbreakable Dames.  Here is our story.

The finder’s fee might have to go to my lovely husband for this company.  For years now, Dave would tell our daughter to "Just Girl Up" urging her to find some inner strength when she was faced with a challenging situation.  He believed in her.  When he told her to "Just Girl Up," she would stand a little taller and become a little more determined.  She is proud of being a girl.  She knows it’s a good thing.  She draws strength from it.  I know how she feels.  I have told myself "Just Woman Up" - in hard times, in defeating times, and in demanding times.  It empowers and inspires me.  I know I can get through any situation; women are tough, so very tough.  We were, are, and always will be. 

Women’s narratives often include harmful instances of inequalities and injustices just because they are women.  We want to help change that.  We hope "Just Woman Up" gives women strength and courage.  We hope that it challenges harmful stereotypes that affect women’s self-esteem and confidence, and moreover equal access in society.  There is something cool about a statement that makes women and girls feel strong and proud and challenges society’s unjust views.  My daughter and I know it.  And my husband knows it.

 “We should put it on a shirt.” 

Unbreakable Dames was conceived one winter night while brainstorming this awesome concept.  Our thoughts ran together:  we can fight stereotypes with our message; we can donate money to a charity that supports women and girls; our products would be made in the U.S.A. and be organic; we can combat inequality in several ways.

We believe in this movement.  We created this business to fight for full participation for all.   Our vision will grow in time.  We have exciting new designs on the horizon that we can’t wait to share, empower, and inspire you with.  This environmentally, socially responsible company has become our passion.

It’s been fun and rewarding working together as husband and wife.  We get to include all of our family in the business.  Our toddler son is our “office manager and quality control,” inspecting and testing all office supplies, pushing any buttons, and testing the durability of products.  Our daughter is “design consultant” and model.  Our oldest son is our “growth consultant,” constantly reminding us we need to help other people not just girls.  Our children are everything to us.  We want to make it a better world for them.

And maybe together, we can make it a better world for all.